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SAFE's "Faith for Safer Streets" Program Set to Honor Those Injured or Killed
Pastor Patricia Strong-Fargas (2nd from left) with volunteers from the "Faith for Safer Streets"
group at a street safety education and outreach event. 

As part of a grant awarded by the Southern California Association of Governments, SAFE has created a network of faith-based organizations in South L.A. that are interested in addressing traffic violence issues in their neighborhoods and empower them to do things about it. 

Did You Know?
  • Los Angeles is the deadliest major city in the United States for traffic collisions
  • Los Angeles is the hit-and-run capital of the United States with 48-52% (depending on what area of LA) of all collisions being a hit-and-run crime
  • The leading cause of death for children ages 4-14 in LA is traffic collisions
The primary problems are speeding, distracted or impaired driving, and a lack of support for sensible solutions that could be implemented by local and state leaders. 

As leading and influential members of the community, houses of worship can make a difference in changing these statistics. This is what our "Faith for Safer Streets" group aims to do. 

Lead by Pastor Patricia Strong-Fargas at Mt. Salem-New Wave Christian Fellowship Church, "Faith for Safer Streets" aims to reverse this trend using the power of faith-based organizations to do what they already do best -- educate, empower, and help heal. 

How Can You Help?

An in-person awareness and remembrance event is going to be held in South LA on Saturday, August 14th at 10:00 am. More information on this event will be posted on our social media channels and emailed to those on our email list as soon as the exact location is known. 

Join us in spreading the message that safer streets are needed in South LA and across Southern California. To join the movement and find out about more volunteer opportunities, please visit

Author: Dayna