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ACTION ALERT: Help Pass AB - 43 Traffic Safety!

AB-43 Traffic Safety is headed for the Senate Transportation Committee on July 13th, and we need your help to pass this important piece of legislation!

As a community-based organization committed to improving the safety of our streets and the sustainability of our communities, SAFE strongly supports AB-43 Traffic Safety. 

Controlling vehicular speed is one of the most cost-effective ways of preventing injury and death in traffic collisions, especially in crashes involving people outside of a vehicle. The risk to people on foot and bike, especially children and adults, rises exponentially as vehicle speed increases from 20-40 mph. Even a 5 mph reduction in average traffic speeds can have a significant long-term positive impact on public health and safety. This is particularly relevant in Los Angeles County, where traffic crashes are the number one cause of death for children 5-14, and number two cause for children 1-4, young adults 15-24, and adults 25-44. Analysis of speed limit reductions in Toronto and Seattle found significant decreases in both vehicle speeds and injury collisions. 

AB-43 grants local jurisdictions the flexibility to set speed limits based on the context of their own communities, specifically when roadways are resulting in increased traffic-related crashes. In doing so, cities will have the power to effectively respond to traffic safety needs and create safer local conditions for people to walk, bike, ride transit, and travel. 

AB-43 not only empowers California's local leaders to improve traffic safety with consideration for all road users, but it also creates the ability for California to better track and address future traffic safety needs. This includes a statewide monitoring program of bicycle and pedestrian-related collisions and the advisory of external design experts on Highway Design Manual (HDM) revisions. These reforms are overdue and critical to creating a safer, more multi-modal transportation system for all Californians. 

So, How Can You Help?
1. Submit a support letter via the state portal. If you've never done it, it's not hard -- Register Here
2. Call and email Senators on the Transportation Committee telling them to vote yes. They will listen to constituents the most, and it will carry the most impact. Here's a list of the Senators on the Committee
3. Post on social media and tag the Senators
4. Call in to the Senate Transportation Committee meeting on July 13th for public comment. There will be further instructions closer to the date. 

We appreciate your support in getting this bill passed!
Author: Streets Are For Everyone