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SAFE is Sponsoring SB 735 -- Speed Safety Cameras #ProtectTheKids

Exciting news! Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE) is pleased to sponsor Senate Bill 735, a bill that will help enhance the safety of children and pedestrians by allowing the use of speed safety cameras in school zones to reduce the number of speeding drivers and, ultimately, the incidence of traffic fatalities and injuries as a result of speed.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, approximately 6,500 pedestrians are killed each year as a result of collisions with motor vehicles. It is estimated that another 90,000 are injured and even more crashes are never reported. 

In 2020, with fewer cars on the roads, the number of vehicle collisions in Los Angeles dropped by 26% per LAPD statistics. Yet, in South LA, with essential workers still having to travel to work, the number of serious injuries and fatalities spiked by 23%. Per UC Berkeley's Safe Transportation Research & Education Center (SafeTREC), the primary factor behind the increase in injuries and fatalities was speed. 

Speed safety cameras, when installed in the most vulnerable areas of our communities, such as schools and construction zones, are just one proven instrument that saves lives by reducing speed and changing behavior. 

SB 735 is about:

1) Saving Lives
  • An Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study of cameras on residential roads in Maryland, on a high-speed roadway in Arizona and on city streets in the District of Columbia found that the proportion of drivers exceeding speed limits by more than 10 mph declined by 70, 88, and 82 percent, respectively, six to eight months after cameras were introduced.
2) Equity
  • SB 735 requires any community that adopts the program to conduct a public hearing beforehand to ensure equitable placement of cameras using safety and demographics. 
  • It is the intent of SB 735 to provide communities with a speed safety program that reduced the need for law enforcement to enforce minor traffic infractions. 
  • In addition to implementing a lower fine, SB 735 removes the burden from those who legitimately can't pay by requiring local governments to adopt an ability-to-pay calculator. 
3) Privacy
  • Speed safety cameras will be used to enforce speeding violations only
  • Speed safety cameras are set up to scan license plates, not faces. Facial recognition software is not allowed to be used. 
  • SB 735 requires that all captured photos and video be stored only as long as necessary for the enforcement of the violation. 
As a former school teacher, no one understands the potential for tragedy within the boundaries of school zones more than Senator Susan Rubio, and we are pleased to work alongside her to make our streets safer. 

SB 735 will be heard in the Senate Transportation Committee THIS Tuesday, April 13th at 9 am. 



Organizations/Businesses can Sign on to the letter of support for SB 735. The document is editable so that you may add your logo and signatory to the letter. You can also sign-on in support and upload your logo via Google Form.

Individuals can submit their letter of support to with Subject Line: SB 735 Letter of Support

Here is a sample letter of support

Call the Senate Transportation Committee members to urge them to support SB 735

In the spreadsheet linked here, we included phone numbers for all of the district offices of the Senate Transportation Committee members. Simply select which office you would like to call (if you are based in one of the cities listed, call that office). For a call script to help guide your conversation, click here. 


Post on social media to share your support for SB735

We provided some sample social media posts for your use linked here.


Also, remember to call in next Tuesday, April 13 at 9:00 AM 

The bill is set for a hearing on April 13th in the Senate Transportation Committee. We hope that you'll join SAFE in registering your support. We'll update the call-to-action with the phone number to call into the committee hearing as soon as it becomes available.

#PassSB735 #ProtectOurKids #SpeedKills


Author: Dayna