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Demand Clean Freeways from CalTrans!

Caltrans has a long history of neglected maintenance along its right-of-way in the City of Los Angeles. Freeways, on-ramps, and off-ramps are not the jurisdictions of the city, and we must rely exclusively on Caltrans to do their part to clear and maintain these areas. Thanks to the members of the community who joined the call to Caltrans to serve our community's priority areas with the same diligence they appear to address more affluent areas of the state, this month Caltrans conducted "swarm maintenance" at the following locations:
  • I-210/La Tuna to Sunland
  • I-210 Eastbound/Terra Bella to Van Nuys
  • Eastbound and Westbound SR-118
  • Northbound I-5/Roxford Street on-ramp
  • Eastbound and Westbound SR-118/Sepulveda on-ramp
We must hold the state accountable for maintaining their right-of-way to keep the areas clean and safe for all who live near or use these freeways. Together, we can keep Caltrans accountable. 

Demand clean freeways from the State of California here or call Caltrans at (916) 654-5266. 
Author: Dayna