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Nonprofit Introduces 'Change Lanes for Bikes: It's the Law' Campaign

A Las Vegas nonprofit is introducing a new initiative to keep bicyclists safe on the roads.

Change Lanes for Bikes

The "Change Lanes for Bikes" It's the Law" campaign appears on a billboard in Las Vegas.

Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition

The "Change Lanes for Bikes: It's the Law" campaign comes two months after a deadly crash that killed five bicyclists in December 2020. The Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition is a nonprofit organization trying to raise awareness for bike safety.

The educational campaign aims to help drivers become aware of cyclists on the road and make space for them.

According to the Secretary of the Coalition, Keely Brooks, this campaign is even more important now to prevent crashes like the deadly one in December.

"We've seen the most sales in bike shops, they're selling out of inventory, they're selling out of bicycles," Brooks said. "So there are so many new bicyclists on the roadways right now and we're going to be coming into a time where it's warmer out so, again, we're going to have a lot of bicyclists on the roadways. We just want to make sure motorists and bicyclists know that there's a law to actually change lanes if you overtake a cyclist."

The Clark County Commission voted on a bike safety ordinance Feb. 16.

The ordinance states bicyclists would be allowed to drive in the middle of the road if they're keeping up with traffic, if they feel unsafe or if they're turning left.

We applaud and support the actions of other nonprofits to improve safety for bicyclists and all other road users.

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