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Welcome Our SAFE South L.A. Chapter!
Out of tragedy comes the seeds of change! This could be the motto for our SAFE South L.A. Chapter. The chapter was formed when three South L.A. residents -- Bibiana, Stephanie, and Tisa -- came together and decided that they were tired of hearing about tragedy after tragedy on their neighborhood streets. Each of these residents has their own story, each deserving of a spotlight for what they've been through and their work to make a difference. 
SAFE South L.A. core members with additional volunteers

This core nucleus has quickly attracted other volunteers and supporters who want to help. After only a few weeks in existence, the group now has nine core members, most of whom live and work in South L.A.

Their enthusiasm for change already helped create an amazing World Day of Remembrance event on November 15 at the most dangerous intersection in Los Angeles -- Slauson & Western (see blog post on event). That one event has reached over 7.4 million people over several weeks, with a desperate message of the need for safer streets: if you hit someone, stop the car; slow down, speed kills; drive responsibly; please re-design our streets to be safer. 

As decided by the chapter, the mission of SAFE South L.A. is:

SAFE South L.A. is created to elevate and unite the voices of the people of South L.A. for safer streets. The aim is to save lives through awareness, education, and by advocating for investment in South L.A. streets.

For the next 6-12 months, their first goal is to take actions that will reduce the number of serious injuries and fatalities by at least 10%. 

Considering how this is exactly opposite to the current trends in South L.A. (with serious injuries and fatalities running 25-29 percent higher than last year), this is an extremely ambitious target. But, after working with this group, if there's any group that can pull this off in a short period, it's the SAFE South L.A. Chapter. 

We are proud to include them in the SAFE family!

If you or someone you know wants to join the SAFE South L.A. Chapter or do something in your area, please let us know by going to this link and filling out the form:

Author: Streets Are For Everyone