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Valentina Got a Rainbow Halo!

Rainbow Halos are a reminder of those lost to traffic violence and also to remind the city of Los Angeles of their commitment to the Vision Zero initiative -- no lives taken by crashes in Los Angeles by the year 2025.

Last Saturday, a 16-year-old named Valentina received her Rainbow Halo and SAFE, working along with other members of Southern California Families for Safe Streets and Valentina's mother Lili, was there to witness the ceremony.

Valentina's life came to a sudden tragic end in 2013 when she was on her way home from a party and a drunker street racer took her life. She was only 16. You can watch her mother's story below:

The Rainbow Halo was put up at Valentina's crash site where she lost her life, but surprisingly, that atmosphere was rather uplifting. The site was decorated with Valentina's favorite flower -- sunflowers -- and unicorns and rainbows -- other favorites of Valentina's showing the color that she brought to the world. 

Valentina's mother, Lili Trujillo-Puckett, opened the ceremony with her story and what the Rainbow Halo means to her -- hope that her little girl will be remembered by this Rainbow Halo. 

Music by Denise Goosby of Healing Ministeries added to the atmosphere. Other guests at the ceremony were Valentina's best friend, Blanca, who had this message to other teens regarding traffic safety: "You are not invincible, be mindful of other's lives."

We would like to extend a big thank you to Fernando Navarrete of Councilman Busciano's office for attending and being such a big supporter of safe streets in the community. 


And, of course, a great big thank you goes out to the artist who painted the pole where the Rainbow Halo perches, Michael Che Romero for a wonderful, thoughful tribute to Valentina. 

What does Valentina's mother, Lili Trujillo-Puckett have to say about the Rainbow Halo?

"I no longer feel pain walking or driving past this intersection. What I now feel is hope and peace... and I smile."
Lili formed her own street safety foundation called Street Racing Kills, check out her advocacy work in the name of Valentina.

Traffic collisions, especially due to speeding and distracted driving, are the #1 killer of teenageres in LA County. Be mindful of others, we can all do better. 

If you would like to request a Rainbow Halo in memory of a friend or loved one, please e-mail .



Author: Dayna