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Slow Streets Are On Google Maps!

Did You See?!?

I was so excited when I saw this! Slow Streets across L.A. County are now on Google Maps. This follows other major cities like Oakland, CA, which severely limited car traffic along miles of slow street corridors so essential workers could travel by foot and bicycle across the city safely. There are other examples of this in cities across the United States, but in L.A., the car capital of the United States, it was not an easy sell to get slow streets implemented.

The slow streets are designated with a blue dashed line and pedestrian symbol on the map. 


But what's really exciting is Streets Are For Everyone was in direct talks with city officials to get them to sign onto the concept of publishing the locations of all the slow streets on Google Maps months ago, and it FINALLY happened.

While SAFE may not get the gold medal acknowledgment for helping to make this happen, it's nice to see the development. 

There's a lot more work SAFE needs to do for Southern California, but every step count. The next goal is turning these disjointed slow streets into safe street corridors connected for miles across the city. 

Author: Streets Are For Everyone