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PedalPorteur: Transforming Bicycle Cargo System; Building the Next Generation of Commuters

Today, we need viable alternatives to automobiles to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. Bicycles can fill that gap – NACTO has found that ⅓ of all car trips are under 3 miles. At PedalPorteur, we are passionate about enabling you to transform your bicycle into a human powered pickup so that you can get to wherever life takes you.

The PedalPorteur is a new modular cargo system for bicyclists from all walks of life – whether you’re a city-dwelling commuter, active family, student, or adventuresome cyclist.  Transporting cargo, boxed or bundled, large and small, has never been easier or more secure with PedalPorteur.

Are looking to spend less time in the car, improve your health,  better the environment,  and  just have fun? If so,  this makes you one of PedalPorteur’s People.  The PedalPorteur is coming soon – sign up here to be the first to receive a PedalPorteur when it becomes available in the coming months.

If you have a rack on your bike (or know someone who does) you’ve probably noticed racks are often the wrong size or shape for most of what you need to carry.

My kids inspired me to create the PedalPorteur so they could be independent to go anyplace and carry anything. It has transformed their teen years and cycling experience, and now it’s time to transform yours!

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Transform your bicycle, transform your life.

When my wife re-entered the working world, she and I found ourselves juggling chauffeur duties far more often than made sense.  Our kids had bikes, why did they need me to drive them 2 miles to band, tennis, or lacrosse practice?

It was the instruments and stuff! These items were too big & awkward to bungee down to their rack, but we felt like we didn't have another choice. After a few tearful phone calls lamenting yet another potentially expensive accident, I had an idea. We needed a bigger rack!

Even more, we needed a system that could transform!. A cargo system that could grow or shrink, depending on the cargo requirements of the day. 

As a former mechanical engineer, I was shocked to find that there weren't any adjustable luggage racks available on the commercial market.

I filed for a utility patent. And with the help of a former colleague, we built the first transforming bike rack cargo system. When I saw what a true transformation it brought to my own family's cycling experience, I knew I had to do whatever it took to make this available to every person on every bike.

After hundreds of hours of improvements and dozens of design iterations, we finally got it right. Two years later we have an approved utility patent and a strong manufacturing team. 

 Since its maiden voyage, PedalPorteur has not just carried instruments to band practice, it has also carried a host of other things:

  • An entire tool chest
  • Groceries
  • Camping gear - tent, sleeping bag, Coleman stove, lantern, bug spray
  • An oversized cooler of ice & beverages
  • Sports equipment
  • A bagsket of farm-fresh produce
  • Three plants and potting soil
  • A guitar and a stool
  • Floats for the beach
  • Fishing tackle, hip-waders, and fishing poles
  • A box of clothes to donate
  • A picnic for four
  • Two bushels of fresh peaches
  • Volleyballs and a net
  • Carry-on luggage
  • Two full cases of sparkling water
  • A duffel bag of lacrosse gear
  • A pack-n-play and diaper bag

Whatever it is you’d like to take with you, PedalPorteur makes it possible for you to leave your keys at home and grab your handle bars instead.

 When I first started shopping for racks for my kids I found that each manufacturer had a rack for a fat tire bike, one for a bike with disc brakes and another for traditional bike frames.  

For my family that might 3 different racks for 3 different bikes.  

Thanks to some pretty clever engineering, PedalPorteur quickly and securely adapts to attached to nearly every bicycle geometry. From beach cruiser to mountain bike to gravel bike, PedalPorteur is along for your ride--and will continue to be as more geometries get produced.  

 A key component of the design process was to create a system that works for people new to cycling or commuting. Designed with kids in mind, PedalPorteur makes it as easy to load and secure minimizing the reliance on straps and bungee cord as little as much as possible. 

The side rails and bags take the worry out of pulling your bungee cords tight enough to hold the objects down. Better yet at the end of the ride, you have the ability to easily remove your bags, side rails and Bagsket for simple storage.  

 No two days are alike. And no two bike rides are either. Need to grab groceries? Pop on the "Bagsket". Need to run a cooler down to the park or beach? Use the side-walls! Just running a stack of books back to the library, but don’t want backpack sweaty-back? Buckle that book bag down to the greatest bicycle cargo system ever conceived.   

 The choice is now yours! Some days, you’ll hop on your bike and ride without a care in the world. But when you’ve got more to carry than a phone, don’t worry - you only have to use a car if you want to. 

The great thing about having PedalPorteur on the your bike is that you are no longer forced to decide between taking your things or taking your bike. You can now pick the bike for more rides every week, which will not only lower greenhouse gas emissions, it’ll boost your endorphins too!   

 We are taking active steps in making sure we are using sustainable and recyclable materials while still keeping the system affordable for the greater community. As we grow, our intent is to have a return, recycle program that provides a way for us to re-purpose damaged equipment and to make them available for bike kitchens across the country. 

 The more you can ride your bike, the better you’ll feel about yourself, your choices, your health, and your future. This is the season of Zoom meetings and the WFH revolution. If you want to take your office to the park, PedalPorteur makes that happen. If you want your kids to take some responsibility for their transportation—and the earth—the PedalPorteur is the obvious choice. And if you need a different rack dimension every day, no worries--PedalPorteur is the solution you need. 

 PedalPorteur is a compact, adjustable cargo system designed to mount onto any standard bike or electric bike, turning them into a human-powered pickup truck. Built with a wider platform and telescoping connection points, the rack fits the objects being carried rather than requiring complex strapping.   Using a patented telescoping design the rack platform can adjust in width and length without compromising the strength when compared to other bicycle racks.    Significant physical and numerical testing has been applied over the past few years to ensure the optimal strength to weight ratio for the design. 

 With a modular design the cargo system is comprised of the following:

Freedom Platform is the foundation of the cargo system. With a patent modular design, the rack can independently expand in length and width to :

  • Length: 16.25” - 28” (extended)
  • Width: 11” - 21” (expanded)

Constructed from extruded 6463 aluminum the platform is the perfect balance of strength and weight.

Rackcessories allow you to transform PedalPorteur into any cargo system when you need it,  compact or heavy duty.

Side Rails:  Bringing back the side rails from the last bicycle revival the side rails are perfect for carrying luggage, duffles, and instrument carriers.  Coming in pairs of 2, the removable side rails are constructed from bamboo

Arm Extensions:  Coming in pairs of 2, the arms telescope laterally to secure small objects. When not in use, the arms rotate and lock in place to prevent damage.  The arms also have an embedded button lock to secure other accessories like the Bagsket.

Bagsket:  Constructed of water resistant polyester, the Bagsket is a removable cloth basket that extends with the platform the bag needs to fit what is being carried.  With stiff supporting ribs the bagsket can be secured to ensure that it is strong but lightweight.  Dimensions:

  • Length: 16.25” - 28” (extended)
  • Width: 16”
  • Height: Tapered from 6” to 12”

 Our goal with PedalPorteur is to make the buying experience less intimidating.  We believe we have helped with that experience by making the installation as flexible as possible adjusting to any width bike with braze-ons (little screw things you mount stuff to).  We also developed bundles to make it easy to purchase based on what you need.


Author: Streets Are For Everyone