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Announcing SAFE Ambassadors and Representatives!

SAFE has many wonderful volunteers who have helped over the years with events and street safety campaigns. I can't tell you how thankful I am for each of their hard work. There's so much we've been able to accomplish through their help.

That said, I have so many who have asked me, how do I help more? I want to do more to make the streets safer, but what? Of course, SAFE wants their help, and Southern California NEEDS their support --- but we've never had a formal program on how they can quickly help. At least not until NOW. 

We've been working to create a more structured volunteer program for SAFE, which we can announce today --- SAFE Ambassadors and Representatives!

Okay, I realize that name isn't super cool and neat sounding, so I'll probably have to revise it, but the program's structure is super cool. I want to tell you all about it here, but I'll refrain and just tell you the broad strokes. 

In our new Ambassador and Representative Program, there are four types of volunteers:

1. SAFE Volunteers --- These are the backbone of our organization. They help to get the job done! They make Finish The Ride and Finish The Run events possible and do a lot to help with street safety activities. 

2. SAFE Ambassadors --- They officially represent SAFE at events, speaking at schools, committees, or in front of civic leaders. They can speak on behalf of SAFE and might work on a specific project, campaign, or geographic zone. 

3. SAFE Representatives --- These are dedicated volunteers who want to make a difference in their area. They not only speak on behalf of SAFE but work closely with SAFE staff on custom-made projects or campaigns in their geographic zone or area of interest. 

4. SAFE Support Mentors are specialist volunteers who work with others who have been seriously injured or lost loved ones due to traffic violence as part of the SAFE Support Program. It's a tough job, and one of the more rewarding ones as you directly help someone heal and move forward with life. 

Since the start of this program, we already have a new SAFE Representative for South LA who recently stepped up --- Bibiana Diaz. I'll be telling you more about her in the future. 

If you or someone you know wants to help SAFE as a Volunteer, Ambassador, Representative, or Mentor, please let us know. Email me at

The SAFE Ambassador and Representative Program is a new chapter in SAFE's expansion and care for Southern California. We hope you and others will join us in our efforts to make the streets safer for everyone!!

Author: Damian