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We're Doing It for the Kids!

Okay, they're not really kids, they are high school students, but we ARE doing it for them. 

As everyone knows, schools have been closed since early to mid-March. For the hundreds of students who were taking part in the Streets, Art, SAFE Film Competition, this meant their ability to create award-winning traffic safety PSAs was hindered if not impossible. It was a big debate amongst the staff at SAFE if we should just call the 5th Annual Streets, Art, SAFE film competition a wash or try to finish the year in some way. 

Well, we took it to the teachers to find out what they wanted to do. While a lot of the teachers said there was no way they could get the final submissions in with current regulations, there were a handful of schools where the teacher asked us to keep the show on the road and let them submit. So, we are doing it for them, the teachers and students, who made it through the school year and have final submissions. 

It will no doubt be a much smaller field. We were expecting 60+ final submissions and we will probably end up with no more than 12 total. This just means those 12 will have a higher chance of getting an award. 

We haven't exactly decided what the final awards ceremony will be or how it will be held -- probably virtually but more than that is not worked out currently. A lot of it has to do with funding, so if anyone wants to donate towards the Streets, Art, SAFE Film Competion, let me know.

However it goes, it WILL go because it's the right thing to do, and we are DOING IT FOR THE KIDS!
Author: Dayna