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First Visit To Juniper Post
NOTE: This event occurred on March 7th, before Social Distancing regulations and the stay-at-home order were in effect. 

Today was the first school field trip to Juniper Post, a world class and multi-award winning post production sound editing owned and run by David Kitchens. This was a student opportunity set up as part of our Streets, Art, SAFE High School Film Competition. 

For those who are not already familiar with Streets, Art, SAFE Film Competition, it was first piloted 5 years ago with nine students at one high school (Reseda High School). The students were mentored by television and film industry professionals on making traffic safety public service announcements with awards to the best entries. Through hard work, this competition has grown to scores of schools with over 300 students participating. While industry professionals still mentor the students, now there are student opportunities like special effects make-up training with Cinema Secrets and sound editing training at Juniper Post. 

I don't normally take part in student opportunity classes but David Kitchens is a friend of mine and I was really excited to learn along with some of these super bright students. 

The first class was from Castaic High School in the Santa Clarita area. This was a smaller class than I expected but the excitement of the students and parents who joined in more han made up for it. David took us through a history of sound editing, filmmaking, as well as all the work that goes into making a modern day professional movie. He showed us how many sounds are layered on top of each other to make sure the sounds match the scene and really communicate the message and intent of the director. To say I learned a bit is the understatement of the Century. I feel like David took us to the depths of understanding about sound editing that 99% of people out there don't even fathom. And yet, we just scratched the surface of the field. 

I want to say a HUGE thank you to David Kitchens from Juniper Post. I look forward to sending many more students to you. 

P.S. Yes, those are REAL Emmy's the students are holding. 
Author: Damian