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COVID-19 Strikes AGAIN!


Okay, it's not really true that COVID-19 has actually struck any of the staff or key volunteers at Streets Are For Everyone, all of us are fine -- working from home and staying socially distant. Josh, Dayna and I are hopeful that you and your family are well and taking necessary precautions to stay that way and help slow the spread of this small but huge bug. 

COVID-19 HAS struck our Finish The Ride/Finish The Run Griffith Park event that was supposed to occur on April 26th. 

Our number one focus is to make the streets safer for everyone and part of our duty is to keep in mind the health of everyone involved. Of course, in alignment with that, we've has to postpone our annual Finish The Ride event in Griffith Park - as you may have already been informed.

DON'T WORRY, we are by no means letting this bug get us down. In fact, we've been working diligently and grinding our gears to make this year's event our best one yet! At the moment, we're planning to host Finish The Ride/Finish The Run Griffith Park on September 20, 2020. Hopefully in the next couple months things will lighten up, and we'll have a better idea on exactly how everything will roll out from there. 

Finish The Ride and Finish The Run was born out of the spirit of courage and determination to overcome tragedy. This spirit to Never Give Up is applicable, now more than ever! 

While none of us can ride or fun in large groups or large gatherings, keeping active and exercising is a key element in staying healthy! It's important to get our hearts pumping and lungs breathing. So while it may seem that our only choice is to stay cooped up in our homes, we encourage you to take the time each day to go out for a run or a nice ride and help extrovert your mind and your body. 

In fact, we've been looking at the idea of hosting a virtual Finish The Ride and Finish The Run event, where you can participate in your own area at your own comfort, "join" with many others online and share with others your accomplishments -- whether that a 100 mile ride or a nice simple 5K run around your neighborhood. 

We are looking into all the logistics of putting that together and we are curious of your thoughts and interest in it? Whether that would be something you'd enjoy participating in and receiving a medal for partaking? You can email me directly with your thoughts and ideas -- .

What about Finish The Ride Santa Clarita you ask? We will see, we're looking at how we might be able to pull that off as well. Don't hold me to anything yet, but we ARE working on still making this the biggest and best Finish The Ride/Finish The Run season yet because that's the way we roll ... NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Damian Kevitt 
Founder - Finish The Ride and Streets Are For Everyone

Author: Damian