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Why Pedestrian Deaths Are at Their Highest Level in Almost 30 Years

It's almost not surprising, although tragic. United States pedestrian injuries are at their highest level since 1990. Possible explanations include: wider roads, sprawling cities, heavier traffic in residential areas due to navigation apps and increasing distractions from digital devices.

According to victims' families and safety advocates like ourselves, the problem is a crisis that state officials have been slow to address. 

As part of SoCal Families for Safe Streets, SAFE has worked with individuals and families to spread the word about street safety and how it affects and devastates families. Most importantly, advocating for the need to improve safety so more families do not experience this pain. Check out the following news report and PSA featuring SoCal Families for Safe Streets co-founder, Debbie and our friends at Los Angeles Walks. 

Author: Dayna