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A City Conducts Traffic Enforcement In Memory of a Little Boy Lost
February 27th, 2019

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the death of a little boy named Zachary Cruz. Zachary was only 5 years old when he was killed by a turning driver while crossing the street with his classmates and an adult in a crosswalk in Berkeley.

To mark the anniversary of Zachary's death, the California Office of Traffic Safety focused on education and enforcement of stop sign, seatbelt and right of way violations in the intersection where Zachary was hit and killed. They educated numerous drivers about traffic safety and issued 15 citations. 

Since Zachary's death, his Grandma Beverly Shelton has been a tireless advocate for pedestrian safety across California and co-founded Southern California Families for Safe Streets (a project of Los Angeles Walks and SAFE) a year and a half ago. Take a look at her story:

Grandma Beverly knows firsthand the enormous consequences of dangerous street design and reckless driving. She shares her story and organizes other families and survivors to reject the normalization of traffic deaths and to create a culture of respect for all road users, especially for people walking. 

Hopefully the efforts of the Office of Traffic Safety made in Zachary's memory will help safeguard the community and bring awareness to the horrible epidemic that is traffic violence through education and enforcement. 

To check out other projects of Beverly's, visit @OursDid

Author: Dayna