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Our Streets, Art, SAFE Competition Brings New Exciting Partnerships!
This year's Streets, Art, SAFE PSA Competition is in full swing!! For those who need a refresher, this is a film competition which pairs high school students with Hollywood filmmakers to produce traffic safety PSAs, concluding with an awards ceremony at the American Film Institute.


This year's competition has created new partnerships to enhance the student experience and make their PSAs even more impressive! Recently, students from the Advanced Film Class at Claremont High School got a special treat from our program sponsor, Cinema Secrets. The students learned from the experts how to apply special effects make-up and prosthetics to enhance their already excellent films. 

Cinema Secrets has offered to teach these classes to any participating school interested. They also offer great discounts for the student groups involved.

Check out the final results!


And here's Claremont High School's Winning PSA from last year's competition:


That's not all that the students have to look forward to in this year's competition! SAFE has also partnered with the LAPD this year and they have offered:
  • use of their officers in PSAs along with actual police vehicles
  • to block off streets or give other assistance to filming the PSAs
  • the use of the LAPD Davis Training Facility as a safe space to film driving scenes or sequences.
This year is proving to be bigger and better! To learn more about the Streets, Art, SAFE Competition, click here. You can also find opportunities to sponsor the competition or mentor the students on this page if interested.

Any questions? Contact us at or call (844) 884-7233 Ext. 804.

Author: Dayna