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A Law Passed To Protect Cyclists In LA is Rarely Enforced
Four years ago, California's Three Feet for Safety Act took effect. 

In theory, at least, the act requires a driver passing a bicyclist to stay at least 3 feet away. 

The law was passed with strong support from bicyclists, cycling advocates and politicians, including former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and now-State Senator Steven Bradford. 

But in Southern California, the police haven't found much use for enforcing this law. Since it passed, LAPD officers have written just 13 citations for violating the 3 foot law. (What?!?)

These tiny numbers are disappointing. But they are not surprising. 

"This law would not matter if people would just slow down and drive safely," said BikinginLA. "But because so many people don't, we have to have this law. And it has to be enforced."

Hopes were high when this act was first signed into law. California had joined at least 20 other states with similar laws. California's law calls for violators to be fined $35, which can be bumped up to $220 when a collision happens. The bill had support not only of bike groups, but also the Automobile Club of Southern California. 

Former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa described the law as a no-brainer in a recent interview. 

"People on bicycles are not as protected, if you will, as people in a car. And giving them a 3 foot space between you and them is not a lot to ask," he said. 

Author: Dayna