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New Crosswalks Continue Their Turn on Hollywood Boulevard
In response to the success of the Hollywood and Highland project, another scramble crosswalk was installed last week on Hollywood and Vine. 

The scramble crosswalk is basically an intersection which has a "pedestrian only" phase in the signal timing. Pedestrians are not just limited to crossing east-west or north-south but can also cross to the opposite corner by cutting through the middle of the street. 

The scramble crosswalk at Hollywood and Highland has been very successful in a heavily traveled area. According to the city of Los Angeles' 2017 Vision Zero Action Plan, since the installation of the scramble in November 2015, there have been zero deaths and serious injuries because of a collision. 

The hope is that the new scramble will improve safety on Hollywood and Vine in the same way. 

Kudos to all those that made this project happen! 

Author: Dayna