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March for Safer Streets Shows A Growing Movement for Those Lost
The 4th of July parade in Sunland-Tujunga was a great day for SAFE and street safety!

5000+ came out to celebrate the 4th and enjoy the floats in the annual parade. This year, SAFE had their own float to help bring attention to the dangers of Foothill Boulevard and the injuries and deaths that occur each year on this stretch of road. 

The parade route covered 1.2 miles along Foothill Boulevard. In Sunland-Tujunga, there have been 14 deaths on Foothill Boulevard (on this same parade route) since 2016, 4 in April of 2018 alone. 

Many volunteers showed up to march, walk and bike in the parade. All carried signs that paid tribute to those lost on this deadly stretch. Some of these include: Cory Wight (12), Christine Martinez (17), Jeff Knopp (60), Christopher Ramirez (21), Tayry Romero (20), Ariane Turek (30) and James Belissimo. 

This was the start of a campaign to make Foothill Boulevard safer and more friendly to all road users.

Thank you to all volunteers who helped us convey SAFE's message, made sure that those lost are not forgotten and took a stand against further injuries and deaths due to traffic collisions on Foothill Boulevard. 

Remember: Drive and walk safe so everyone can #GetHomeSafe.
Author: Dayna