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It's a Fact, Bollards Are Saving Lives!
Traffic safety projects save lives, as much as some would argue the opposite.

In April 2017, LADOT installed a safety project for the section of Foothill between Sunland Boulevard and Wentworth. The Sunland-Tujunga residents protested this project upon installation because it caused a lane reduction.

However, the bollards (pictured below) that were put along this all important corridor are, in fact, saving lives.

According to collision reports from the city, since these bollards were installed between Sunland Boulevard and Wentworth, there has been a 56% reduction in total injury rate and a 100% reduction in severe and fatal collision rates in the area of this safety project.

Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez has made her top priority public safety and partnered with LADOT to update the street survey for Foothill Boulevard this past January. For the first time since 2010, the LAPD is able to use radar/laser technology to issue speeding citations along Foothill. 

This is encouraging news and we hope that these bollards continue to reduce traffic collisions, injuries and deaths on Foothill Blvd even further, as well as other plans for future projects. 

Author: Dayna