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The Santa Monica Safe Streets Alliance Launches!

Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE) is proud to announce our new partnership with Santa Monica Spoke as co-founders of the Santa Monica Safe Streets Alliance! We invite you to join us in helping to save lives in the city of Santa Monica!

The SaMo Safe Streets Alliance is a collaboration of local advocacy organizations and community members that together promote and support implementation of SM's shared goals of complete streets that are designed to be safe, equitable and welcoming to everyone. 

In Santa Monica in the year 2017, nine people were killed and 25 severely injured in collisions on the streets of Santa Monica alone. This is more than two times the annual average of 4 fatalities in the years 2006-2016. These collisions cannot be brushed aside as "accidents:" these crashes are predictable and; therefore, preventable. No traffic death is acceptable. We need meaningful and true commitment to the goals of safe streets by implementing safer streets and the concept of Vision Zero. Vision Zero focuses on safe mobility for everyone -- regardless of whether you walk, bike or drive a car. 

It's time for a fresh approach. We can indeed design safe, livable and sustainable streets. To achieve these lofty goals, we need a collaborated effort of community and civic stakeholders -- including interdepartmental coordination of city divisions and integration of projects and opportunities -- education, transparent and appropriate enforcement, as well as complete street design that prioritizes safety and is engineered to reduce the effects of human error that result in fatalities and severe injuries. 

Despite the recent negativity against LA Vision Zero efforts, Vision Zero itself has had documented success in other cities. It began in Sweden 20 years ago. Since then, that country has cut traffic deaths in half (to fewer than 3/100K compared to 11/100K in the US), while at the same time increasing their population and vehicle use and miles traveled. Numerous other cities in the US have also adopted the Vision Zero plan. In the three and a half years since New York City adopted it, they have seen 23 percent fewer road fatalities. Closer to home, Fremont, California adopted Vision Zero in 2015 and has since seen a 25 percent reduction in traffic fatalities. We can do this!

Our priority is to keep the community of Santa Monica safe regardless of the ability or mode of travel, while being mindful of our most vulnerable populations

This past Saturday, February 24th, SaMo Safe Streets Alliance held it's first open to the public meeting where the principles of the Alliance were discussed. We were also joined by representatives of Santa Monica city who discussed Santa Monica’s Mobility Plan and how the City plans to implement Vision Zero to achieve zero traffic fatalities by 2026. The representatives included: Mobility Division Manager, Francie Stefan, and Senior Transportation Planner, Carlos Morales. There was an open forum for questions, individual input and ways for individuals and organizations to get involved.

City of Santa Monica Mobility Division Manager, Francie Stefan, presented the City's work plan for 
preventing severe injuries and fatalities by the year 2026 at our Alliance public meeting.

SAFE, Santa Monica Spoke and the rest of the SaMo Safe Streets Alliance ask you to join our vision of safe streets for everyone by signing on to our principle goals

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the Santa Monica Safe Streets Alliance, please contact us or Santa Monica Spoke

More information on meeting times and place to follow. Will keep you posted...
Author: Dayna