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Families For SAFE Streets Profile: Cynthia Ramirez

On February 18, 2016, Cynthia Ramirez's family was shattered. Her brother, Jonathan (14) was riding his bicycle in Ventura when he was hit and killed by a driver in a pick-up truck named Martin Henderson. Henderson then left Jonathan to die in the road. If that wasn't enough, another driver then hit Jonathan in the road and ran as well. Since then, Cynthia and her family have been advocates in hit and run awareness and bicycle safety in order to make sure this does not happen to another family. Henderson is currently being prosecuted for his crime. 
On the two year anniversary of Jonathan's tragic death, his family and friends
gathered to pay tribute at the crash site. This was part of a movement by SoCal 
Families For Safe Streets. All families sported signs like this, proclaiming:
"Drive Like Your Kid Died Here"
"Drive Like Your Friend Died Here"
and several others with similar phrasing. 

Cynthia and the Hernandez family have become an integral part of SoCal Families for Safe Streets, a volunteer coalition of individuals who have personally survived a severe traffic crash or whose loved ones have been killed or seriously injured in a traffic collision. SoCal FFSS is committed to preventing these devastating crashes from affecting other families by gathering and sharing information and stories with the purpose of creating a groundswell of demand for safer streets. The group advocates for the policy, engineering, enforcement and education solutions that will be the most effective in improving safety on our streets for everyone who walks, bicycles and drives in Southern California. 

SoCal Families For Safe Streets is a project of SAFE and Los Angeles Walks.
Author: Dayna