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STOP the CARnage: A Rolling Protest for Safer Streets A Success!

A sincere and very LARGE thank you goes out to everyone who made it out to our rolling protest on the 17th! We are grateful to every single one of you for helping us mark this important and impactful day. 

For those who missed it (or have been living under a rock), here's a bit of background and re-cap.

5 years ago, on February 17th, 2013, our Executive Director, Damian Kevitt was hit while riding his bicycle in Griffith Park on a Sunday morning at 11:30am. It was a gruesome hit and run where he was dragged nearly a quarter mile from the streets onto and down the 5 Freeway. This sparked a movement to help end the epidemic of hit and run crimes and improve safety on our streets for all road users. This movement became Finish The Ride and evolved into Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE).


Last Saturday, February 17th, 2018, we commemorated the 5 year anniversary of this event by tracing the exact route Damian took that day and staged a ride and drive protest against the bloodshed that continues on the streets of Los Angeles due to traffic collisions. 

Cyclists and drivers alike showed up to this memorable event and they were greeted by staff and volunteers who helped decorate their bikes and cars with balloons and signs that illustrate the dangers on our streets.

After a heartfelt speakers that included Damian and Beverly Shelton, who lost her grandson, Zachary (5 years old) when he was hit by a car in a marked intersection, the group started their slow roll from Sunset Bl. to The Morrison Pub on Los Feliz Boulevard.

The purpose: to be SEEN and HEARD while tracing the exact same 6 mile route that almost killed Damian that same morning 5 years ago. Along the way, cars honked and people yelled in support of this ride's important message. 

A special thank you goes out to Emilia from Los Angeles Walks and the members of Southern California Families for Safe Streets for helping to make this event possible. 


Author: Dayna