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Families For Safe Streets Profile: Debbie Hsiung

On May 2014, Debbie Hsiung's son, Aidan (7 years old), was crossing the street at the corner of Hill and Colorado Street in Pasadena with his family when he was tragically struck by a pick-up truck and killed in front of his family. The truck driver did not have the patience to wait for pedestrians to cross. Since the day her son was taken away from her due to a preventable traffic collision, Debbie has become a street safety advocate and started her own campaign to stop the tragedy on our streets and educate others on street safety. Visit to learn more. 

Debbie is also the co-founder of Southern California Families For Safe Streets. Working along with SAFE and its partner, Los Angeles Walks, she has brought together a coalition of community members (families and their friends) who have lost their loved ones to preventable traffic collisions. SoCal Families For Safe Streets is a volunteer coalition of individuals who have personally survived a severe traffic crash or whose loved ones have been killed or seriously injured in a traffic crash. SoCal FFSS is committed to preventing these devastating crashes from affecting by gathering and sharing information and stories with a purpose of creating a groundswell of demand for safer streets. The group advocates for the policy, engineering, enforcement and education solutions that will be the most effective in improving safety on our streets for everyone who walks, bicycles and drives in California. 

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Author: Dayna