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City Abandons Westside Lane Reductions

Intense backlash from the residents of the Westside has resulted in a cave-in. All lane reductions that were part of the Vision Zero road diets will be restored on the Westside. 

Early in October, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Councilman Mike Bonin announced that all remaining traffic lanes that were removed in Playa Del Rey will be restored. This include improvements on Culver Boulevard, Jefferson Boulevard and Pershing Drive. 

The city will still be adding new safety features for pedestrians in these areas, including speed feedback signs, flashing crosswalks and new crosswalks. At least something is moving forward and not backward ...

The Playa Del Rey road diet began in May as part of the Safe Streets Initiative and generated significant backlash as a result ... often in a disrespectful and rude manner. This came from Playa Del Rey residents and business owners whose main complaint was an effect on commute times.

While the effect on commute time may be true but must be weighed against the lives that could have been saved by these improvements. Between 2003 and the 2016, 244 collisions that resulted in injuries along Pershing Drive, Culver Boulevard and Jefferson Boulevard and 8 of those people lost their lives. 

In this case, the opposition won, but the fight for safer streets is far from over. One thing is for sure, Los Angeles has the highest collision rates in the country and we need a little less talk and more action from our leadership to improve the safety on our streets. 

Safety must be a priority. 
Author: Dayna