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Families Devastated By Tragedy Come Together To Advocate For Safer Streets
Meet the first members of the Southern California Families For Safe Streets, who shared stories of love and loss on film last Sunday. They were left behind after preventable, senseless traffic crashes and now they honor their loved ones by working toward safer streets for all. 

These are their stories:

Debbie Hsiung (son, Aidan - 7 years old)
In May of 2014, Debbie's son, Aidan, was walking across a crosswalk in Pasadena when he was tragically struck and killed in front of his family. The truck driver did not have the patience to wait for pedestrians to safely cross. She has started her own campaign to stop tragedy and educate others on safety. Visit to learn more. 

Cynthia Ramirez (Brother, Jonathan -- 14 years old)
On February 2016, Jonathan was riding his bicycle in Ventura when he was hit and killed by a driver in a pick up truck named Martin Henderson. Henderson then left Jonathan to die in the road. If that wasn't enough, another driver then hit Jonathan in the road and ran as well. Since then, his family have been advocates in hit and run awareness and bicycle safety in order to make sure this does not happen to another family. Henderson is currently being prosecuted for his crime.  #Justice4Jonathan

Liliana Trujillo Dalessandro (Daughter, Valentina -- 16 years old)
Valentina was killed in December 2013 when a friend was drunk and decided to street race along Wilmington Street in his red sports car to impress his friends. He was racing another car and ran a red light at 80mph. Since this tragic crash, Liliana has been focused on raising awareness of the dangers of street racing. Visit

Grandma Beverly Helton (Grandson, Zachary -- 5 years old)

In February 2009, while crossing the street in Berkeley on his way to an after school program, Zachary Cruz was struck and killed by a truck driver who was distracted. His family hopes drivers will remember him and prioritize pedestrian right of way when using the roads. Visit to find out more. 

Together, all these families stand united with SAFE and the Los Angeles Vision Zero Alliance in making streets safer for everyone who uses California roads. Video is currently being produced on all these stories for release soon. 

We greatly thank all these families that came out to share their brave stories of love and loss with us ant the public. 

We welcome all other families who want to join in the fight for safer streets. Join Families For Safe Streets and help change conditions! Contact for details.

There is definitely more to come. Stay tuned! 
Author: Dayna