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"Butt Dart" -- A Dangerous "Game"

I'll admit when I saw the title "Butt Dart," my first instinct was to giggle. But then I read on ... and I was shocked by what I found.

A "game" has started in Orange County where people pretend to shoot cyclists with their hand pointed like a gun while yelling, "Butt Dart!" It was introduced on the Instagram account ocinstanews (owned by Chad Stewart Towersey) and meant a way for him to vent his frustration with cyclists sharing the road.

An example of this game comes from a local city councilman who was riding his bike home from Newport Beach (where this game originated). He was headed west-bound on the Coast Highway when he was startled by a Toyota pick-up swerving towards him as a group of people yelled, "Butt Dart! Butt Dart!" He was able to escape a crash, but the next cyclist might not be so lucky.

This game NEEDS to stop before someone gets hurt. 

This gives the community an environment of permissible intolerance and it needs to stop. We need to work together to promote mutual respect for each other while using the road. Also, as a community, we need to ask Mr. Towersey to denounce this dangerous game. It is the right thing and it WILL help save lives.

Author: Dayna