Become A Member Today! 

Streets Are For Everyone (SAFE) has now launched its first membership program and Honor Statuses! You have been supporting us through these years, and now you can be properly honored for your contributions!

We launched the Membership Program as a way to recognize you and thank you for your continued support with our organization, and create a proud corps of staunch supporters to make our streets a safer place for everyone.


This is a movement to improve the quality of life for you, your friends and family, and each and every person that walks, bikes or drives among the roads.


Streets Are For Everyone not only talks about making streets safer, it actually works to MAKE streets safer. La Tuna Canyon, San Vicente Blvd, Mt. Gleason, Foothill Blvd, LA River Bike Path, are all examples of streets and bike paths where SAFE has worked with the City of Los Angeles and community members to make safer streets.

Our programs are crucial for making that difference, and it is through your support that allows us to continue forwarding them.

We have made great strides and accomplishments in this effort, like:

  • Reaching over 350 million people on our awareness campaigns 
  • Creating SAFE Support - the nation’s first and only support system for victims of traumatic traffic collisions
  • Dropping the incidence of hit and run crimes by 16% in the city of Los Angeles.


Streets Are For Everyone is for YOU. We listen to what people like you need and want and help to amplify your voices for real change for safer streets.

And we have much more to go!