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On Wednesday, July 5th, the Venice Neighborhood Council Parking and Transportation Committee met to discuss a street safety initiative within their community.

Up for discussion was the Venice Neighborhood Council's motion to immediately overturn the Great Streets project specific to Venice Boulevard (which runs through both Venice Neighborhood Council and Mar Vista Community Council). This would take out the protected bike lanes and pedestrian improvements because of the congestion and confusion they seem to have caused within the community. The hope was to move the proposed motion in front of the full Venice Neighborhood Council. 

About 30 people attended, including residents, public and street safety advocates from Los Angeles Walks, Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Walk N' Rollers, LADOT and SAFE. 

The main concerns from the public were:
  • The project is poorly designed, blind right turns make it difficult for visibility.
  • Congestion of traffic
  • Outreach process did not engage enough drivers
  • Businesses locally are suffering

Following public feedback, Nat Gale from LADOT opened the floor to questions. He also stated that the project will be evaluated fully at 1 month, 3 month and 6 month intervals following implementation. 

In the end, the three committee members decided not to recommend a complete overturn of the project. They will; however, recommend to the full council that they host a town hall on the issue with councilman Mike Bonin. 

We at SAFE have voiced concerns regarding several blind right turns along Venice Boulevard that have been created by the improvements and have requested adjustments because they are potentially dangerous. SAFE will continue to voice our concerns on this until the potential dangers are fixed.  That said, overall, we are happy with the direction of adding more bike lanes and working toward the goal of making the streets safer for everyone.

The full Venice Neighborhood Council will discuss this motion on July 18th. 


ATTEND the Tuesday, July 11th Mar Vista Community Council Meeting at 7pm at the Mar Vista Recreation Center to show your support for safe streets for walking, cycling and driving. RSVP here

EMAIL the Venice Neighborhood Council and Mar Vista Community Council TODAY to express your support for complete, safer streets. See sample email below.






RE: Support for Venice Blvd Great Streets Safety Improvements

Dear Members of the Mar Vista Community Council and the Venice Neighborhood Council:

I strongly encourage the Mar Vista Community Council and the Venice Neighborhood Council to continue supporting the project on Venice Blvd. as part of the Mar Vista Great Streets Initiative. This recently installed project has come under attack, much of it being fueled by misinformation. Impatience of drivers shouldn’t stop the community  from building safer streets and more vibrant neighborhoods. These safety improvements will prevent future injuries and can save lives. 

As a [student, older adult, mom, cyclist, person with a disability, business owner, etc], I firmly support the street safety improvements on Venice Blvd. This project was designed through community dialogue throughout a year long open process and is meant to make all residents and visitors safer. Similar to how the farmers market has improved our community, we believe the “small town feel” of this Great Streets initiative will do the same for Mar Vista and will further improve community culture.

We must continue to improve our streets with rigorous and informed evaluations, and I urge you to remain committed to creating vibrant and safer streets in Mar Vista.




[Your name]

[Your address]

**For more information on these Great Streets Projects, click here.

Author: Dayna