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A Cuban Is On A Mission To Build The World's Tallest Bike

Recently, I heard about an amazing cycling lover and the unique way he is sharing it with his country. It was too interesting pass it forward.

Guiorola Cepero is not only a faster cyclist than many in his country, but a taller one, too. Residents all know the mas who is famous as the builder of the tallest bikes in Cuba. Cepero travels the streets in a 3 meters tall, custom made bicycle made of 3 bicycle frames welded together on top of each other. 

Cepero works on all of these specialized tall bicycles at home. Currently he has 5 assembled bicycles of his own design. In addition to the bike frames and in order to add height, he uses any everyday item that he can find from pieces of tin fence to rebar. The pedals themselves are made from PVC pipe shaped and cut in order to function. 

Cepero hopes to soon hold the world record for talles bike. He is currently constructing one that measures 10 meters high. 
Author: Dayna